About the Journal

The SCLR is a journal for European and Chinese lawyers and law scholars looking for first-hand information and networks in China and Europe. It is a forum for Asian and European legal academics and professionals to share analysis on matters of shared interest. It is published bilingually in English and Mandarin Chinese to enable dialogue and mutual understanding between contributors in China and the English-speaking world. Contributors analyse current legal developments of relevance to law firms who work internationally in China and Europe. This covers a wide range of issues from trade and data protection, to alternative dispute resolution and legal services markets.

Draft articles for online publication that are not on the theme of a given issues are considered on a rolling basis.


About the Swiss Chinese Law Association:

The Swiss Chinese Law Association (SCLA) is a Geneva-based, international lawyers' association that promotes legal collaboration across China and European countries. Since its establishment, the SCLA has set up long-term cooperative relations with the Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce (SCCC), the Swiss Chamber Arbitration Institution (SCAI), the Swiss Federal Supreme Court, the WTO, the United Nations and other international organisations and associations. It regularly runs online forums to discuss current legal issues open to participants from around the world.