SCLR lssue 3

Swiss Chinese Law Review issue 3

Call for contributions:

Arbitration and Trade Secrets: Deadline 31 January

How should lawyers deal with trade secrets during arbitration? What is the use and standing of trade secrets in contrast to patents, IP and data protection regulations? These question is pertinent as trade secrets are rapidly challenging patents as the preferred means of shielding classified business information from outsiders.

The third edition of the Swiss Chinese Law Review will feature analysis of trade secrets in arbitration. What does the recent increase and use of trades secrets directives around the world mean? What are their practical implications for arbitration cases? What are the ethical considerations? What are the pros and cons? How do trade secrets compare with patents and IP regulations?

We are welcoming contributions for featured articles of up to 4,000 words in length or opinion columns of up to 1,000 words, addressing these questions and related topics. We strongly encourage articles based on your personal experience of real cases and practical or theoretical dilemmas you have encountered in your professional work.

We welcome your contributions, analyses of legal cases, best practice advice or personal experience on how to approach arbitration and trade secrets; from Brexit to Belt and Road, AI to IP, or Bitcoin-mining to windfarms.

Please note that all contributions must be original pieces of work. If your draft has been published elsewhere, includes text that is copied without attributions or is a re-worded verion of a briefing document, it will not be considered.

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Our journal aims to link up legal professionals and academics working in and between China and Europe. The journal will offer a platform for exchanging insights and connections.

As a contributor we hope to be able to introduce you to our international network of legal professionals and scholars with a shared interest in Swiss-Chinese relations and the law.

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